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Hinson Strategic Consulting Group delivers powerful strategic solutions to Fortune 500’s, Middle Market/Small Businesses and startups that save money, save time, and ultimately save jobs.

Are you ready for customized strategic acceleration?

Hinson Strategic Consulting Group provides organizations with unique and powerful strategic solutions that move companies from survival mode into thriving mode.

We help companies save money, time, and jobs.

We help you find, innovate, implement, and scale—all in the least disruptive way possible. Using the 3–Tier Profit Roadmap with our proprietary Integrated Data, Process, and People (IDPP) approach, we help clients achieve long-term success and:

  • Create structure out of chaos

  • Optimize and accelerate processes and efficiencies

  • Bring proactive success habits

  • Innovate with NOW, NEW, and NEXT-LEVEL approaches


Through IDPP, our clients have eliminated inefficiencies to recover millions of dollars, move bottom lines by over 10%, reduce meetings by 80%, and save hundreds of jobs globally.

We simplify things to help you find money, time, and team peace—all with unmatched speed.

Rachel Hinson

Called the Corporate SherlockTM Holmes, CEO Rachel Hinson is a strategy consultant, data champion, and creative storyteller. With her unique ability to pull immediate and long-term strategy from data, she crafts an effective vision and implements profit driven transformative business solutions that have kept Hinson Strategic Consulting Group (HSCG) on referral rotation for 15 years with some of the world’s best-known companies in agriculture, manufacturing, B2C, B2B, non-profit, pharmaceutical, and tech. She is also a mentor and speaker, regularly presenting at the St. Louis innovation hub Cortex for organizations and businesses, including Square, Microsoft, and numerous entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Rachel Hinson


We believe in truth, integrity, honesty, transparency, and kindness.

Word of mouth is integral. We love what we do—and teams and leaders love how we do it.

"Can’t thank you enough for all that you did. You kept this ship sailing through the good and the bad, and we absolutely couldn’t have done it without you."

—  Theresa Murphy, Hallmark

Pioneered Fortune 500 integrated enterprise project that identified and reversed a 6-figure communications bleed; Structured to close bleed within 60 days, with aim to drive future 7-figure digital returns.

  • Analyzed suite of product channels and integrated marketplace that determined a 75% gap in revenue-generating properties, which contributed to legacy brand perception depression.

Do we have some low-hanging fruit that could make a bottom-line difference?

Strategized and produced an integrated campaign rebrand/relaunch for Line Of Business extension of a complex, high-involvement product.

  • Within 8 weeks of campaign launch, transported product from regional-only goal into national success—300% increase over plan.

How can we help you?

Hinson Strategic Consulting Group is ready to guide and transform your business from surviving to thriving.

If you’d like to experience our IDPP Approach—which includes Discretion, Data Sciences, Consumer Psychology, Psychological Safety, Empathy and Emotional Intelligence, which all provide smarter, faster, better paths to peaceful profits—let’s talk.

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